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Find High Quality Sandblast Cabinets and Other Automotive Equipment Online

Running an automotive repair shop, body shop, service center, or tire shop requires having the right types of equipment on hand and available. The amount of equipment you need is directly related to the services you provide your customers. If you are a full service repair center, then you need equipment like tire changers, alignment […]

How to Decide Which Tire Changer to Purchase

Deciding which model of tire changer to purchase can be a difficult question. Tire and wheel manufacturers rarely consult with the equipment manufacturers before they release a new type of tire or wheel rim. Instead, what has been the case for years is that the tire and wheel manufacturers rely upon the equipment manufacturers to […]

Add a Motorcycle Tire Changer to Expand into This Growing Service Segment

Making sure you have the right equipment, like a motorcycle tire changer, is vital to steady work flows and productivity in your repair shop. If an employee has to stop working on a motorcycle because they do not have the right tools, it translates to increased time to get the job done right. The longer […]

Purchasing an Auto Lift Online? Choose a Reputable Supplier

Any time you are shopping for an auto lift online, you need to choose a reputable supplier. One common mistake many people make is getting caught up on the prices featured on some sites. However, when it comes time for getting support, assistance, filing a warranty claim, and other such issues, all they have is […]

Which Auto Lifts Do I Need for My Shop?

When you are opening a new oil change shop, auto service center or garage, you need to make sure you select the right auto lifts and other equipment. Deciding which lifts you require depends upon the types of services you want to offer your customers. Even with the most basic car lifts there are differences […]

Are Winches and Hoists the Same Things?

Sometimes people get confused about the operating functions of winches and hoists. A winch is used for pulling, while a hoist is used for lifting. They might try to use one or the other piece of equipment to perform both types of operations. However, this is not recommended and could damage the equipment and create […]

Car Lifts Influence the Services You Can Offer

Having the right car lifts installed at your repair shop is essential for your day-to-day operations. Your equipment has a direct effect on the types of services and repairs you can offer your customers. A standard four-post lift system makes it possible to reach areas underneath the vehicle for easier repairs. But, if you have […]

Expand Your Repair Services by Purchasing a Motorcycle Lift

You may want to consider adding motorcycle services at your auto repair shop, because the number of cyclists has grown substantially in recent years due to continued high fuel costs. Many new cyclists know how to operate their bikes, but when it comes to performing maintenance and service — that is another story. Some of […]

Select a Car Lift Based on the Services You Offer

The volume of services you can complete each day depends on the number of bays you have available at your repair shop. Certain repairs require using a car lift to raise the vehicle off of the ground. You may also need to raise the vehicle to perform wheel balancing and alignments. Selecting the right car […]

To Balance Tires You Need a Balancing Machine and Steel Wheel Weights

Keeping tires balanced and aligned helps increase how long they last. In order to properly balance a tire using a wheel balancing machine, you need to keep a supply of steel wheel weights on hand. Even though tires are normally the same size with the same size rims on each vehicle, there can be slight […]